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The water purifiers are from different companies, have different purification processes and also water purifiers price range also varies. The popular purification methods are RO ( Reverse osmosis), UV (ultraviolet filtration), UF( ultrafiltration or gravity filtration). These processes are suitable for different water supplies. Some of the purifiers include more than one process to purify water. The water purifiers are also selected on the basis of their usage, more portable ones for home use, one with bigger capacities for offices/commercial use.

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Experts equate water with life, it is vital for human survival. Though 70% of our Earth’s surface is water, we are left with only 2.5% of that volume for our drinking purpose, also known as the fresh water. Fresh water reaches us from various sources, is contaminated with impurities like heavy metals, dissolved chemicals, germs etc and it needs purification before consumption. The consumption of water without purification can lead to water born diseases, which accounts for approximately 1.8 million deaths annually. The only way to be sure about the purity of water before consumption is to purify it ourselves. Water purifiers are the most convenient and economical ways to ensure us availability of purified fresh water in our homes or offices. Fresh purified water is available as bottled water and it can be safely used for drinking, cooking purpose. It is comparatively a costlier option to use bottled water every time for a household. The plastic used in bottled water is also an environmental hazard. It is more economical to install a water purifier instead. The market today is flooded with various models of water purifiers, based on the technology used or the water purifier prices or the companies manufacturing the purifiers, customers have a huge task ahead of themselves to select the right one for their needs. So we make an effort to provide you with the information about the good ones available in the market today.

The right price to buy a water purifier

In the following graphic we want to give you a short overview about the different prices. the price of a water purifier the graphic is experienced based and it is not mandatory just an approximate estimation. Please consider that there are different influences on the final price, for example the capacity of the device, if the water purifier is build for domestic or commercial use, the quality of the material which is used and also the inner workings, just to name few reasons. To make a rough estimate, Evaluation of the average price range for each category Not all needs are the same, If a lot of people live in a household and use the water purifier it is not compareable with another household which uses a water purifier but also bottled water. So please don’t stick too much on this graphic, it shall just give you an overview. The term domestic is very vague in this definition. Of course there are solutions for much higher flow but this website does not deal with such solutions.

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