Best water purifier in India 2018

2018 has been a year with a lot of new products for every budget. Big ones, small ones with different methods to purify water. In the following list we created a handselected list of the best water purifiers which are available at the moment right now.

Safe drinking water is one of the most essential things in our life, as water forms a huge part of our well -being and survival. In a temperate country like India it is very important to stay hydrated at all times. But are we drinking safe and hygienic water ? That is quite a tough question. Most of us drink the corporation water or order canned water from stores. There have been several safety and hygienic issues with both the corporation and canned waters. For instance there have been cases of chronic diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea associated with contaminated corporation water. On the other hand canned water has a lot of dubious cases where there are several symptoms of Leptospirosis due to lack of hygienic environment at mineral water units. The perils of contaminated water is high when consumed by a child or a pregnant lady, which leads to the question of how to consume safe drinking water?

The advent of water purifiers in our country has been ever increasing and this is one of the safest methods to obtain absolutely safe drinking water. But the downside of it is there have been too many advertisements and promotions on so many water purifiers that it makes it so hard for us to decide on the suitable one for our needs. We have decided to clear this confusion and help you find the best water purifiers that really suit your needs and budget. After a thorough research from our side we have come up with our handpicked unique best water purifiers in India. We have also come up with the best water purifiers offers available in competitive websites like Flipkart and Amazon to make things easier for you. We have handpicked few water purifiers which we believe are best water purifiers available in India in 2016.

Here is our top 6 best water purifiers reviews:

Whirlpool- Destroyer

This Whirlpool water purifier is aptly named as destroyer as this model boasts of a new technology in purifying water. This model has the latest EAT technology with a sediment filter which has the power of 4 filters in one physical filter. This 4.4 kg white and grey model comes with a storage capacity of 6 Litres. This is a non- electric water purifier which means you can consume safe drinking water even when there are power-cuts.

Kent - Grand+

Kent has established itself as a popular name in the water purifier business and they claim the patent for the RO technology. Grand+ runs on Kent’s patented RO technology which has a double purification system RO+UV+UF. This model has multiple useful features and it has a transparent casing that shows the inner system clearly and also indicating the water level. Grand+ claims to give you a tasty drinking water by dissolving the salts and other chemicals. So water from the bore-well not a problem.

Hindustan Unilever-Pureit Ultima RO+UV with Oxytube

Pureit Ultima has a 6 stage purification process which comes with the additional Oxyblast technology. This is where the search stops where you not only drink clean water but also eat clean fruits and vegetables. The purifier claims to wash vegetables and fruits clean from the wax and other chemicals added to it. If you are looking for a purification an ultimate purification process place your buck here.

Eureka Forbes
- Aquaguard Enhance

Aquaguard is one of the oldest names when it comes to water purifiers with its consistent performance over the years. Aquagaurd Enhance with a storage capacity of 7 litres comes with the Ro + UV technology. But many househoulds have been sceptics of just there purification process. Hence Aquagaurd comes with this enhanced feature of E-boiling to suit people who can’t do away without boiling.

Tata Swach - Cristella Plus

This purifier is a stiff contender for Panasonic-TK- DCP31-DA which comes at a nominal price of Rs 1345* at Amazon. This purifier claims to filter 1 Crore virus in 1 litre of water. The filter comes with a whopping 3000 litres life and no electricity or running water is required. If you are looking for a low maintenance purifier this is the one for you.

Panasonic-TK- DCP31-DA

For those looking for an very affordable water purifier this is the one to look for at a price of Rs 1795* on Flipkart. This purifier does a pretty neat job with its disinfecting technology to remove bacteria , virus and cyst from the contaminated water. And with a storage of 22 Litres what more can you ask for ?

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