6 important things to consider before buying a water purifier

6 things to condsider how to buy a water purifier online.

A good water purifier is the need of the hour. Thanks to the growing demand and environmental hazards, it is out of question to consume water without purification. The dynamics are so diversified in our country and so different households have different demands and water supplies and they should buy a water purifiers accordingly. With so many options available in the market this article aims at highlighting the important categories to consider before buying a water purifier.

Type of water

Before considering any water purifier, it is mandatory to understand the type of water supply in the household. If it is natural mineral water from a reliable source then only activated carbon water purifier will suffice. If the water supply is heavily salinated then the RO is the only way to remove the dissolved impurities. The water can be treated by UV method which is very reliable to kill all the dangerous microorganism. Thus water supply is very important to determine the kind of purifier we need.

Purification technology

Choosing the right technology while choosing your water purifier is vital. It depends upon the type of water supply. The three popular and efficient technologies we have are RO (reverse osmosis), UF (ultrafiltration) and UV (ultraviolet rays). RO is a good option because it not only removes dangerous organisms, but also remove the excess dissolved salts. Ultrafiltration will remove only the undissolved matter and fails to have any impact on soluble impurities. Ultraviolet radiation kills all the harmful viruses and bacterias but will not remove the turbidity. It is always better to use a purifiers with more than one technology according to your water supply.

Storage and Capacity

Some water purifiers come with inbuilt storage and automatic power cut facility so it won't take time to deliver ready to use water. It's quick and convenient. It is very important that purified water is stored in airtight stainless steel container to avoid any secondary contamination. Some purifiers are not with the inbuilt storage so water that is purified is stored in bottles directly. Consumers must evaluate their needs and select. Capacity is also an important determinant. It could extend up to 50 litres/hour. The capacity is directly related to the size of the household.


In our country, many cities have a problem with regular power cuts. The most popular and efficient water purifiers use RO as their method of purification which requires electricity. Even UV purification requires electricity. So it is very important to either store water efficiently after purification or switch to ultrafiltration or carbon activated purifiers. Also one can have carbon activated purifiers as back up because they are not very costly and still will be much more cost beneficial in comparison to bottled water. For example smaller ones with RO technology need approximately 35 - 45 watts and bigger ones about 60 watts . UV-purifier usually need 10 - 15 watts.

Water pressure in the house

In order to obtain an optimum purification process it is important to have certain pressure in water supply when using RO or UF as the methods of purification. Without the pressure it will not be able to process the water. In some households where there is less pressure in water supply, an additional pump can solve the problem. UV purification does not require any water pressure specifications.


Regular services, changing of filters, cleaning of the apparatus are very important for the proper functioning of the water purifiers. It also ensures good quality water. If you select a water purifier from an established brands they have annual maintenance contracts which covers most things and are strongly recommended. Good brands also ensure easy availability of parts. It's also ensures good customer service.

{Bonus} Design

Water purifiers in the market today have excellent choice in design. Design should be selected on the basis of whether it will be used at home or commercial place. Wall mount is suitable for home. The commercial ones could be table top (less use) or wall mount according to the usage. And wall mount could be directly attached to the water source.

To conclude, remember that an aware consumer is a happy consumer. If we determine the requirements and make a purchase accordingly, it's very profitable and the level of satisfaction in using the product is much higher. So determine your requirements first and then choose your product. If you like to see a preselection please check the most popular water purifier 2018 which might be a help for you.

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