Methods to test your drinking water eg. water testing kit

How to test water at home if it is purifier or not.

What are the circumstances why (drinking)-water should be tested?

The quality of water we consume is very important factor for our health. The water is generally tested in following circumstances:

  • By the home owners, because it's the only way to make sure about the quality of water
  • Ideally water should be periodically checked by the private water supplying companies
  • Municipal bodies check water to keep record of water quality of various sources
  • Farmers get water of the resources checked to decide the kind of crop they can cultivate using it
  • Sometimes water is checked after suspected source of pollution near by (eg. Factory, insecticides etc.) to compare it to the previous records
  • These are some of the occasions where the need arises to check the water quality.

    Popular ways to check the water quality

  • Send a sample to a laboratory (private and government)
  • Test the water with water purifying kits at home on your own
  • Contact professionals with the water purifier companies if you plan to purchase their product

What are the parameters for a water check?

An ideal purification test should be able to measure the following parameters:

  • Physical : PH, Hardness, Turbidity, Temperature etc.
  • Chemical : Chloride, Fluoride, Arsenic, Phosphorus, Iron, nitrates etc.
  • Biologicals : Bacteria, fungus, spores, parasites etc.

There are also different water testing kits available for different parameters as well.

What are the benefits of testing the water before use?

  • Detecting the residual chloride in the water and then correcting it will prevent a lot of health hazards. Most countries use chlorination to purify water and the residual chlorine is consumed by people which has harmful affect on our health. It is associated with colon cancers,bladder cancers and rectal cancers.
  • Excess Fluoride in water is not recommended, and contrary to the belief it is not beneficial to the teeth. Fluoride harms the endocrine system of our body and its associated with chronic bone condition like arthritis and osteoporosis leading to bone fractures. It also effects the brain and the thyroid glands. Children effected by this are fond to have lower IQs. So much to loose by being careless about the water quality. Checking and correcting these faults can save us from great harm.
  • Checking the water regularly can also save us from the epidemics like the E.Coli and poisoning etc. Less burden on already burdened healthcare system. Primary prevention is the best prevention.
  • Checking the water constitution can also save farmers form crop failures.


To conclude it we can say that using inexpensive water testing kits or water testing services can save us all a lot of damage. The water testing kits and laboratories are very upcoming services and now are easily available online. Check your water before you consume it for any purposes. Stay healthy.