Water purifier FAQ

Is water purification necessary in this era and why?

In this day and age when the environment is known to be polluted by endless number of pollutants, we can not assume the river water or ground water to be safe. The use of pesticides in farming and dispatching the chemical waste in the rivers have rendered the water sources polluted. Also when we receive the treated water from the municipal corporation, we need to remember that it reaches us through hundred of kilometres of pipes and it not completely safe. The only sure way to consume purified water is to purify it in front of our eyes.

How much shall I pay for an ideal water purifier

The cost of a water purifier depends on different variables. To make it short the price of ro water purifier is higher than the ones which use ultrafiltration for example. Other points are: capacity, maintenance, brand and purfication method as explained earlier.

Even when I receive water from the local municipal body, do I still require a purifier?

The answer is yes. The water even after purification reaches us after being through hundreds of kilometres of pipes which are not changed for years. Also always consider the human error that can happen while the water is treated at the plants by the workers. Why put health of family in a strangers hand?

Is boiling sufficient to purify water?

Tough water boiling is very popular and effective way of purifying water, it is no longer enough to make the water consumable. It is effective in killing most pathogens like bacteria, viruses and parasites. But it is not effective in removing turbidity, chemicals ,smell, taste and colour. And it's time consuming and it's very difficult to do it right which is important or else it won't be effective in purifying the water.

Are there any health risks involved with using water without purification?

Yes it involves a lot of risk. Typhoid, Cholera, dysentery, polio, hepatitis are some of the water borne diseases,These illness are particularly very dangerous for young children and 60% deaths are attributed to these diseases. In India alone it is reported that 580 people die everyday due to water borne diseases. Excess chlorine is associated with reproductive disorders and cancers. Excess of fluorine can cause dental caries, excess Arsenic will cause health problems and all this is avoidable.

Will it affect the way my water tastes?

Taste of water get better after purification. There is no after taste of chlorine in the water. When turbidity and other metals salts are removed during the process of purification, the water tastes better.

What are the purification methods/technologies available in the commercially available water purifiers?

Water purification is done with very efficient technologies, in the commercially available portable water purifiers, which have remained unchanged for years. Following are the popular technologies:

  • RO Reverse Osmosis
  • UV light
  • UF Ultrafiltration
  • Ion exchange
  • EDI Electroeionization
  • EAT Electro Absorption Tachnology

How do i select the right purifier for my home/office/Institute?

The following points are considered before selecting a water purifier for home or office:

  • Water quality
  • Electricity
  • Storage
  • Water pressure/capacity
  • Contamination
For eg when the water is highly salinated then it's better to use RO for purification, we require electricity for RO and UV purifiers, activated carbon purifiers can be used in remote places with no electricity. But all this is not an issue for the customers because now all the companies selling water purifiers, have experts who give you analysis of all the factors and help you select the purifiers.

Using a water Purifier will require electricity? Will it be expensive? What if i don't have regular electricity supply?

To use a water purifier which requires electricity to work is very inexpensive. For eg with one unit of electricity we can get up to 4800 litres of water. And also Aquagaurd claims to use only 1.52 unit of electricity in one year. Over all these figures also depend on kind of machine and amount of water required at home/ institute. But it is every affordable technology.

What are the advantages of using a purifier with double technology eg. RO+UV/UF?

There is a definite advantage of using a purifier which uses more than one technology. It also depends highly on the quality of water to be purified. When we have turbid and salinated water, it is better to use a purifier which uses both UF and RO technology, RO will desalinate water where as the UF technology will help remove the turbidity. Using only RO will not make the water turbidity free and using only UF will not make the water softer.Using UF only will not remove the soluble impurities and that is very necessary to remove the unwanted and hazardous metallic salt contents, and so it should be combined with RO technology. But the customers need not to worry about it because before installing the purifier, a company representative will analyse the water and will suggest the purifier with right technology.

Is there water wastage during the process of purification?

It depends on the technology we use to purify the water. There is no water wasted in UV purification where as when we use RO, it rejects 80% water and only 20% is stored as purified water. But it is now there are purifiers where membranes are washed automatically and 50% water is collected as purified water where as other water is stored in a separate tank and then it is used for other household chores.

What are the other maintenance liabilities when using a water purifier?

There is different maintenance requirements for water purifiers using different technologies. For eg when we use a RO or UF purifiers it needs changing of filter and membranes yearly, or when we use UV purifier, it needs the changing of the UV bulb/ light source. It also requires the cleaning of the chamber around UV light to maintain its efficacy. But all these expenses are covered with annual maintenance contract available with some added expense but it is highly recommended to get them. All the terms and conditions should be clarified before the purchase. With most of the annual contracts there are free services available.

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